My son attended Mr. C's drama camp
for three summers and loved it. The
plays they did were fun, creative, and
well written, and Doug's style with the
kids is marvelous. He has a great
sense of humor that comes through in
his productions, and the kids really
respond to him.

My son is now acting professionally in
New York and I thank Doug for giving
him such a great start.
Mr. Cole, the director of the camp, is
a wonderful, creative, gifted, and
very kind teacher. We only have
wonderful things to say about him
and his camp. Over the years my
step-children have attended his
camp or taken after school classes.
They rave about him and his camp.
They've also developed passion for
both theater and story telling, thanks
to Mr. C, as the children call him. We
highly recommend it

PARENT- SUMMER 2006, 2007, 2008
Doug's plays are all fun,
imaginative, meaningful and
sweet. He finds a way to
include all the kids in a way
that seems to suit each one of
them, and the plays are a
delight for the kids and the

Parent- summer- 2008, 2009,
Doug's plays are truly
outstanding. He is a highly
imaginative, funny and talented
playwright and director who knows
exactly what kids enjoy. His plays
have all the qualities you would
want in a children's
production-adventure, meaning,
fantasy, a little danger and a lot of
goofy humor. Doug always
manages to find the right part for
the right kid and watching the kids
perform is a delight. It's obvious
they are having a ball!

Sandra Delay- Former Asst. Head,
St Paul's Episcopal School,
My daughter has attended Doug's
Drama for three summers and will
be attending again this year. She
loves it and it is one of the
highlights of her year! It's
amazing the quality of the
production the kids pull off in two
weeks! The kids work hard, but
boy do they have fun!

My 6 year old  is very shy and I was
reluctant to enroll her in Doug's
Drama. I spoke to Doug about this
and he said, "I'm good with the shy
ones". I took a chance and was
amazed how much she loved the
camp. She came home the first day
and said, "Mr.C is hilarious!". She
did a great job in the performance
and her self-confidence improved
quite a bit. We have already signed
her up for this summer and she can't

Parent- Summer 2012
Four 2-week sessions
Montclair School- Oakland

One of the East Bay's most popular drama
camps for over 20 years
June 11-22
9:00-3:00- Extended day available 8:00-6:00.For students
entering grades k-4

THE MAGIC DROPS (First play in The Magic
Drops series)

The Magic Drops is the first play in the Magic Drops series of plays written
by camp director Doug Cole.When two children fall out of a tree and are
injured, they must go on a journey to the Palace of the Fairy Queens to get
the magical drops that will heal them of their injuries. They are joined on their
journey by others who are sick and injured and need the drops as well,
including dogs, cats, elves and forest fairies. Along the way, they encounter
some dangers and surprises which makes the journey quite exciting.

This is one of our most popular plays for younger students with excellent
parts for all.
Camp fee-$625
Performance- June 22rd at 6:30 PM
June 25-July 6
9:00-3:30 (no camp on July 4)
extended day from 8:00-6:00
For students entering grades k-4


Camp fee-$625
Performance- July 6 at 6:30 PM
9:00-4:00 (extended care 8:00-6:00)

The lovely country of Premsaland is ruled by a wise and kind King
and Queen and their four generous children. When three evil wizards
and their dwarfs servants put a spell on the King and Queen, they
begin to turn evil and selfish, as do the children. In order to counter
these wizards, the Good Witches put a spell of their own on the
Princes and Princesses, so that no one will recognize them. They are
thrown out of the palace and are taken in by a very lovely and kind
family with four children of their own. Over time, the children become
great friends and embark on adventures that will help them break the
spells that are destroying Premsaland
. A camp favorite with great
parts for everyone!

Camp Fee- $650
Performance -Aug 3rd at 6:30 PM
Camp Highlights
-Full length evening

-Theater games

-Creative drama and

-Comedy skits


-Excellent parts for all

-Lots of outdoor playtime
at our lovely Montclair

-small camp size (20-22
campers and excellent
camper/counselor ratio

-sibling and multi-session

-Camps great for
beginners as well as more
experienced performers
July 9-July 20
9:00-4:00- Extended care from 8:00-6:00
For students entering grades 3-8

The land of Crete is ruled by a cruel tyrant named Titus, and he tolerates no
disloyalty. When the great war hero Pythias speaks out against him in public, he is
arrested and sentenced to die. His best friend, Damon, also a war hero, begs Titus
to pardon Pythias, but the King refuses. Damon offers to take Pythias' place in jail
so Pythias can go home to say goodbye to his family before his execution. He tells
the King that if Pythias is not back in one month, Damon will die in his place, as he
owes Pythias his life for saving him in battle. With the urging of his kind and lovely
daughters, Titus agrees to the deal and puts Damon in jail.

Pythias goes home to settle his affairs and begins his journey back, accompanied
by his brother, sister and cousin. However, the trip back is beset with obstacles and
dangers...robbers, illness, cannibals and  monsters. Will Pythias and his family
make it back in time to save the life of his friend Damon?

Based on a legend from ancient Greece, this play has it all-adventure, humor, a little
romance, undying friendship and more than a few surprises

Camp fee- $650
Performance July 20 at 6:30 PM

My kids have attended Doug's camp for
several years and it is always the highlight of
their summer. The shows are great andall
the kids have a blast. Doug makes it so fun
for all of them. The kids love his storytelling
too. Doug tells these great stories about
when he was a kid that the kids repeat to me
word for word when they get in the car.

Parent- Summer 2017